Alaap Language and Music Academy

Alaap Language and Music Academy is now enrolling youths and adults for


  • Hindi Language- Speaking, Reading and Writing

  • Bengali Language- Speaking, Reading and Writing

  • Vocal Hindustani Music:

    • Classical and semi-classical  

    • Bhajans, Sugam Sangeet 

    • Folk, and Gazals 

    • Bengali Rabindrasangeet [Tagore] and Nazrulgeeti

  • Piano Lessons- Western notation and music


These classes are individualized to each student's scale and aptitude. Group classes are also available for four or more youths or adults based on common goals, interests, and schedule.

All classes are for ages 8 to Adult

All classes are held in-person 

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What Is Music?

According to Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”   This statement is applicable not only to individuals who are musically inclined but to all youths and adults who wish to cultivate their minds, regardless of their personal or professional interests; for many scientific studies have shown that music enhances cognitive skills and critical thinking; music is restorative, therapeutic, and an excellent mode of developing concentration and focus.

What Is Indian Music?

It is a system based on ancient, classical Ragas that help learners to become aware of and aligned with the sounds and rhythms in nature.  


Across the South Asian subcontinent, the foundation of Raga music has enabled people for centuries to express a variety of moods and emotions through songs and poetic recitations.


Language and Music classes are scheduled for a full 1 hour for private or 1.5 hours for semi-private, depending on age, skill level, and personal interest/time.  So, it is necessary for a music student to be able to read independently, take notes, and comprehend concepts that will be explained in each lesson. In other words, one should be old enough [8+] to go through a lesson without having to depend on a parent.


It is also important to keep in mind that each student learns differently and at one's own pace; so, slightly different approaches may be necessary to help each learner comprehend and execute the same concepts.

Alaap Language and Music Academy runs separately from Excelsior Online.

About The Director

Dr. Sumita Chaudhery has performed in Radio and television programs for the UNESCO for the “Lamp Unto My Feet” series, the Embassy of India cultural television series on Tagore, and the University of Michigan cultural series on television on India. 

Dr. Chaudhery is the founder and director of Alaap Music Academy.  She has organized professional conferences and many shows for charitable and philanthropic causes and has sponsored programs of many visiting artists from India to engender the traditional arts of India in the Midwest states.

Contact and Fees

For Vocal Music and Language Classes:



Private 1 hr: $45

Semi-Private 1.5hr: $35

Group (for language only) 1 hour: $30

Semi-Private lessons are for family/siblings only

Groups must be of the same level, up to 5 students maximum.

For Piano Lessons: 248-756-2332


Private 30 minutes: $25

Private 1 hour: $55

We do not offer semi-private lessons in piano. 

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