College Interviews


We'll have you prepped in 1 week!

While college interviews may be optional, colleges highly recommend doing them. 


There's nothing like a personalized program, tailored to your selected colleges and your talents, with real practice to help you present the best of yourself during this critical moment. 

We can help you get ready in 1 week! 

Sign up for your personalized workshop and private coach today!

4 Private, Live, Online Sessions in 1 week!

We will meet for 4 private online sessions, each 1.5 hours in duration, and provide the following:

Review your targeted colleges of choice

Design a plan of action for each session

Utilize your college application, resume, and essays to highlight your qualifications

Analyze, strategize, and prepare the different types of interview questions relevant to your selected college

Tailor your 2 mock interviews to address interview questions, your talents, interests, motivation, and the college's expectations

Address verbal and non-verbal communication skills 

Record your sessions so you can review and improve 


Commit 1 week and we'll help you get closer to your target college. 

Our sessions will meet


Email for most current availability


Our 1-week program

Customized to You

Private Sessions Only

Fee: $550

Swayam Student Discount:


Get $50 off if you were enrolled in an Swayam Learning ELA program or College-Bound Workshop!


Terms and Conditions

  • Full refunds are given prior to the workshop's start date up to 2 days prior to the start date. 

    • Full refund minus $50 will be given for cancellation of 1-2 days prior to the start date. 

    • No refunds once the workshop has begun.

    • There are no carryovers, rollovers, or deductions.

    • There are no make-ups, rollovers, prorations, deductions or refunds for missed sessions, assignments, or evaluations.

  • Plagiarism will yield zero points, zero evaluations, and/or dismissal from the workshop without refund, makeups, or rollover.

  • Materials provided are gathered, researched, designed, and presented for fair use and are Excelsior Online's property, protected under copyright.

  • Violation of terms and conditions will result in automatic cancellation of the course and access to the content and workshop with no refunds.

  • Recordings of mock interviews will be available for the duration of the workshop. 

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