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Use the curriculum as a guide and resource


Use the curriculum to challenge and advance students 


Units can be extended or accelerated 

to fit the student's pace


Each unit teaches core concepts for each foundation separately and then weaves them for consistent application and practice to improve writing and reading holistically

The Content

Each workbook provides 5 units of curriculum. Each unit comprises of the following foundations:

  • Vocabulary Development- learning Latin/Greek etymology and vocabulary for standardized tests

  • Spelling- learning important spelling rules with additional spelling words

  • Punctuation- learning key punctuation rules 

  • Grammar- learning important grammar concepts 

  • Sentence Construction- learning the different types of sentences and how to build them

  • Reading Skills- learning literary elements, structure, and devices applicable to reading chapter books, novels, and plays with critical thinking sections to extend reading analysis

  • Writing Skills- learning paragraph formats, rhetorical/persuasive essay formats (E3+), MLA format, and additional concepts for improving style, structure, depth, and formality in writing

  • Oral Presentation Preparation- learning steps and methods to prepare oral presentations in conjunction with reading

Advanced level workbooks (E4-E6) will contain additional foundations or replace certain foundations with college preparatory foundations, such as 

  • Research Skills/Advanced Critical Thinking Processes

  • Rhetorical Devices

  • General Knowledge Development


Students learn how to write research-based essays, understand rhetorical devices evident in literature and media, and build a broader knowledge base of relevant and related areas of art history, music, sociology, and humanities necessary for the SAT exams and college. 

The Method

Each workbook provides explanations and examples of each concept per foundation. In this way, students learn the concepts singularly. 

However, the most important feature is the integration, application and practice of the concepts across the foundations to understand why they are writing what they are writing. 

Thus, with each foundation, the exercises and assignments progressively involve building, using, and applying concepts they have learned in the current unit and previous units across their writing and reading skills. 

Each workbook comes with new concepts and re-integrated skills of reading and writing for consistent practice and application to strengthen and improve reading and writing skills holistically.

We can also provide pre-designed reading questions, oral presentation topics, and essay writing topics for a specific book that best correlates with the workbook reading and writing lessons for free

Whether the student needs time with the concepts or is advanced enough to intensively go through the curriculum, you have the flexibility to decide how much and in what way you wish to assess performance. Flexibility of pace and method is in your hands. 

PLUS! We will even be available with schduled live meetings to provide clarification, guidance, and/or recommendations on using the workbook during the time of your rental.

Each workbook with its 5 units can be covered in 10 weeks or more, depending on preference and pace. 

Each level (E2, E3, E4, E5, and E6) comprises of 2 workbooks worth of curriculum. We want to be thorough and make sure students get as much practice and understanding they need to get ahead and stay ahead. That means each workbook contains new content and/or re-integrated content in all the foundations for consistent practice and application across 10 total units per level that can be completed in 20 weeks! 

This is the typical breakdown for each E-Level:

  • E2: for advanced 5th graders, committed 6th graders, or catching up 7th graders

  • E3: for advanced 6th graders, committed 7th graders, or catching up 8th graders

  • E4: for advanced 7th graders, committed 8th graders, or catching up 9th graders

  • E5: for advanced 8th graders, committed 9th graders, or catching up 10th graders

  • E6: for advanced 9th graders, committed 10th graders, or catching up 11th graders

Start Any Day!

Step 1: Determine the Level 

Determine the level you wish to get started with. For more information about our E-Levels, visit our "Understanding Our Program" page under the 'English Language Arts' tab.

Step 2: Fill out the Workbook Rental Form

When you fill out the form, you can decide which month you wish to start. You can also elect if you want to rent the workbook for 6 weeks, 10 weeks, or 15 weeks. Once payment is received, you will receive an email with the link to the online workbook and directions on how to login to view it. 

Want to preview the workbook before committing? Sure. Once you fill out the form and make the payment, you will have 24 hours to view the workbook and request a refund within the 24 hours to cancel the rental. 

The Price

Rent a complete workbook for $50 for the full duration of time you elect. 

Bonus: Get the supplemental pre-designed Reading, Paragraph/Essay and Oral Presentation Guide for a specific book best associated with the workbook for free!


If you wish for exclusive guidance and weekly Q&A session with the Director on using the workbook, you can sign up for that as well on the Rental Form.

That's $3.33-$8.33/week to get ahead, be ready for standardized assessments and be prepared for higher-level courses!

Click on the button to start today!

Conditions for Rental

1. Once the link and directions to login to the workbook are provided, there are no refunds for the workbook. Full refunds will be provided if

a. the workbook is not accessed at all and the request is within 1 week of the start date of the rental. Email your requests to

b. the workbook is previewed once within the first 24 hours, and the request to cancel is sent within the same 24 hours of the preview.


2. The online workbook may not be printed or saved in any digital, photographed, or soft/hard copy format.

3. Once the rental period is over, access to the workbook will be removed. If you wish to re-rent the workbook, you may fill out the rental form accordingly.

4. Only one workbook per level may be rented at the same time. For example, one workbook for E2 and one for E4 may be rented at the same time.

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