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Step 1: Current Skills and Needs Analysis Form: FREE ($25 value) Recommendation

Step 2: Registration

Step 1

Step 1: Current Skills and Needs Analysis Form

Fill out this Current Skills and Needs Analysis form and receive a free emailed recommendation. Once you receive the recommendation, you may elect to register. You can also upload a sample of work to the specific prompts in the form. It is optional but helpful.


When you fill out the form, bear in mind a couple things:


1. Sometimes, putting a child in an E-Level that is unknowingly a bit too advanced will sabotage your efforts and the child's efforts of improving reading and writing skills. Students need patience and time to

a) become acquainted with our rigor, approach, homework, and expectations

b) develop the necessary skills and concepts through consistent practice and application


Prematurely putting students in a higher level than where they should begin will defeat the goal for advancement and sometimes cause them to feel overwhelmed. They also miss out the foundations that they need help with; jumping ahead before fixing the foundational issues doesn't help them in the long-run. 

We are aiming for long-term learning

2. This is the recommended breakdown for each E-Level:

  • E2: for advanced 5th graders, committed 6th graders, and catching up 7th graders

  • E3: for advanced 6th graders, committed 7th graders, and catching up 8th graders

  • E4: for advanced 7th graders, committed 8th graders, and catching up 9th graders

  • E5: for advanced 8th graders, committed 9th graders, and catching up 10th graders

  • E6: for advanced 9th graders, committed 10th graders, and catching up 11th graders


One specific level may not be a good fit for your child. Hence, we customize the curriculum to meet their needs and focus on skills that they need most based on their current abilities, grade level, and anticipated expectations at school. We make sure to fit the curriculum to your child, not the other way around. 

Once you receive the recommendation, you may elect to go to Step 2.


Still have questions? Go to our FAQs section on the main English Language Arts page or email us. 

Simply send us an email to 

Step 2


When you are ready to register, send us an email to confirm. Payment is accepted via Paypal. If in-person sessions are held, then checks/cash are accepted as well. Payments are expected to be given on time and can be given for 4 sessions at a time or 10 sessions at a time. 

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